Food and beverage
  • 1881 folding cap molds
    Cavitation: 72
    Cap weight: 2.35g
    Cycle time: 5.5 seconds
    Annual volume: 330 million pcs.
    Max. cavitation: 96
    Key words: high-cavitation, high efficiency, in-mould slitting
  • PET preform rotary molds
    Cavitation: 32+32
    Part weight: 90g
    Cycle time: 21 seconds
    Annual volume: 75 million pcs
    Max. cavitation: 64+64
  • Thin-wall container molds
    Cavitation: 6
    Part weight: 7g
    Cycle time: 3.5seconds
    Annual volume: 43 million pcs.
    Max. cavitation: 8+8
Food and beverage
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